As Qurato, we have helped customers move forward in different ways. To name but a few…

eMobility: Automotive industry

Car manufacturers are heavily impacted by all new developments, such as CO2 targets, the move to electric vehicles, new forms of transportation such as autonomous driving and car sharing.

Qurato has provided multiple impact studies, either providing high level overview of trends and developments (“sketch a roadmap for automotive with 3 likely scenario’s”), or very specifically tailored to a use cases (“What earnings models exist for a supplier of car parts?”). Based on a thorough knowledge of the current eMobility market, and with a collaborative network of experts, these insights have helped companies to formulate strategic initiatives.

eMobility in the Public domain

Local governments are heavily impacted by all mobility developments: how can they prepare for the transitions that unfold, how to adapt their infrastructure and onboard their inhabitants?

As part of the NKL team, the Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure, Qurato has driven the development of tooling, best practices, strategies and policies on charging infrastructure.